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Conventional FHA and VA Construction Loan Programs!


Jerry Thomas
Jerry Thomas Construction Loan Officer

Jerry Thomas
Construction Loan Officer
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    Conventional, VA & FHA Construction Loan Programs

    Licensed in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Georgia and Virginia.

    Have you been told by another lender that the VA and FHA  construction loans don’t exist? Don’t believe them. In addition to Conventional construction loans we also offer these government construction loans! These are single close construction loans that act as both your construction loan and your end loan. No need to qualify a 2nd time, get a 2nd appraisal or pay a 2nd set of closing fees like some other programs.

    I will be your single point of contact through the entire process. Other loan officers will had your application off to a group of processors handling dozens of applications. 

    Take a look around the website and email me today for a free personal consultation and a fast pre-approval. I will match you with the best program, from the best lender, for your project. With over 25 years experiance I will close your loan quickly. Construction lending is the “deep end” of the mortgage pool. The vast majority of mortgage loan officers have never done a construction loan. It’s vital that you know who’s in charge of you application and that they have the experience to close your loan quickly. This can save you lots of time and money. We will discuss your land, the type of home you are building, the types of homes you can’t build and your qualifications. 

    Do you already own your land? You may be able to use your land equity to cover your down payment and roll in your closing costs! You can building a site built, manufactured or modular home. With the VA and FHA Construction Loan programs you have no payments until the home is completed. Your interim interest will be rolled into your contract to build. 

    How I can Help?

    More Than 25 years Experience in Construction Lending!

    On one side of my business I have clients that need money to buy, build or refinance their home. On the other side of my business I have multiple lenders. Each lender excels in one or more types of lending. It’s my job to match my borrowers up with the right lender.

    What stands in the way? Guidelines, pages and pages and pages of guidelines. Minimum credit scores, maximum loan to value, source of funds, debt to income, debts that are part of the borrower DTI, debts that don’t have to be counted in the DTI, appraised values, home types that eligible for funding and those that are not, and it goes on and on and on. Their are hundreds, if not thousands of pages of guidelines. It my job to help you through this maze and get you the best deal.

    A good loan officer asks a lot of questions upfront. That way we can set the proper expectations and put you in the right loan with the right lender. To learn more check out my blog on Active Rain,

    Loan Programs

    Jerry Thomas 1x Close Construction Loan

    Conventional 1x Close

    5% down, 680 credit score. Can be used for new construction or major renovation. 

    Construction Loans for Owner Builders

    Conventional 2x Close

     If you plan on being your own General Contractor, or doing some of the work yourself, this is the program you will have to work with. Two closings, two sets of fees. You will need at least 10% down, more likely 20% and a score in the 700’s.

    Jumbo Home Loan

    High Balance VA 1x Close

    Need a High Balance VA Construction Loan? I got that! Up to $822,250! Call for details. Some down payment may be required.


    FHA and VA 1x Close

    Don’t qualify for a conventional program? Putting less than 20% down? An FHA or VA construction loan can be the best option. They have lower down payments, 3.5% FHA, 0% down VA, and a 620 minimum credit score. You can even roll in the construction loan fees and interest during construction.

    Rehabilitation Loans

    Rehabilitation Loans

    Rehab loans for short. These loans are for existing homes that need a little, or a lot, of work. The most widely known program is the FHA 203k program. VA and Fannie Mae program also available.